Nikkom - the worst VOIP

Petach Tikva, Hamerkaz 1 comment
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Without explaning, Nikkom company has asked for 100$ US Dollars from me, or I can leave their company. for more than a month I am paying, and not receiving their services.

Their technical support realized that their device is not working properly, so I was waiting for a month to receive a new one - and when finally connecting it - it doesn't work as well, and for a different reason. when called them - they said "sorry, you will have to pay $100 for a new one".

I have been a loyal customer for 3 years, and that's how they treat me.

Do NOT work with this company. it's amazingly hard to get a hold of their customer service reps, and at the end - I'm left with no VOIP phone.

I hope you hear my advice and not deal with them.

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This company will sell their "business customers" (i.e. criminals) as many telephone numbers as they want and then cause Phony Addresses to be published in Directory assistance and ultimately into Google and Yahoo to lure consumers to the criminals.

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